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"Developments in Cross-Cultural Procedural Justice, Industrial Relations, and Human Resource Management" ; Emerging Issues of Employment Proceedings Volume 3, International Industrial Relations Association 3rd Asian Regional Congress, p.143-164 ; Taipei, Taiwan ; 1996

"Understanding The Intangible Elements of Team-Based Work Systems: Further Lessons from the Cross-Cultural Diffusion of U.S. and Japanese Work Systems" ; Abstracts, International Industrial Relations Association 3rd Asian Regional Congress ; Taipei, Taiwan ; 1996

Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices (with Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Nitta, Barrett, Belhedi, Chow, Inaba, Lin, Moore, Mothersell, Palthe, Ramanand, Strolle, and Wheaton) ; Oxford University Press ; 1998

"Japanese Team-Based Work Systems in North America: Explaining the Diversity" (with Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel, M. Nitta, B. Barrett, N. Belhedi, J. Bullard, C. Coutchie, T. Inaba, I. Ishino, S. Lee, W-J. Lin, W. Mothersell, S. Rabine,) ; California Management Review, Volume 37/1 ; Fall 1994