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2010 IZA prize in labor economics goes to Francine D. Blau

Recent book on Gender, Inequality, and Wages

Gender, Inequality, and Wages


The 7th edition of The Economics of Women, Men, and Work is now available!

The Economics of Women, Men and Work

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Francine Blau : Publications

Selected Publications


The Economics of Women, Men, and Work, 7th edition (with Marianne Ferber and Anne Winkler), Prentice-Hall; 2014.

Gender, Inequality, and Wages (edited by Anne Gielen and Klaus F. Zimmermann), Oxford University Press; 2012.

 The Declining Significance of Gender? (edited with Mary C. Brinton and David B. Grusky), New York:  Russell Sage Foundation 2006.

At Home and Abroad: US Labor Market Performance in International Perspective (with Lawrence Kahn), New York, Russell Sage Foundation, 2002. Richard A. Lester Prize for the Outstanding Book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations published in 2002 (Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University)

Gender and Family Issues in the Workplace, (edited with Ronald G. Ehrenberg) New York:  Russell Sage Foundation, 1997.  Notable Book in Labor Economics and Industrial (Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University).

Equal Pay in the Office, Lexington, Mass.:  Lexington Books, 1977, 158 pp

Articles or Chapters

"Gender, Source Country Characteristics and Labor Market Assimilation Among Immigrants," (with Lawrence M. Kahn and Kerry Papps) Review of Economics and Statistics (February 2011).

"Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors? Interim Results from a Randomized Trial," (with Janet M. Curie, Rachel T.A. Croson and Donna K. Ginther), American Economic Review (May 2010)

"Changes in the Labor Supply Behavior of Married Women:  1980-2000," (with Lawrence M. Kahn) Journal of Labor Economics (July 2007).

 "The US Gender Pay Gap in the 1990s:  Slowing Convergence," (with Lawrence M. Kahn) Industrial and Labor Relations Review (October 2006).

"Do Cognitive Test Scores Explain Higher US Wage Inequality?" (with Lawrence Kahn), Review of Economics and Statistics, February 2005.

"The Impact of Welfare Benefits on Single Motherhood and Headship of Young Women," (with Lawrence Kahn and Jane Waldfogel), Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2004.

"Understanding International Differences in the Gender Pay Gap," (with Lawrence M. Kahn) Journal of Labor Economics (January 2003)

"Institutions and Laws in the Labor Market," (with Lawrence Kahn) Handbook of Labor Economics, Vol. 3A ; The Netherlands: Elsevier Science, B.V., 1999.

"The Well-being of American Women, 1970-1995," Journal of Economic Literature, March 1998.

"International Differences in Male Wage Inequality," (with Lawrence M. Kahn) Journal of Political Economy, August 1996.   

"Wage Structure and Gender Earnings Differentials: An International Comparison," (with Lawrence Kahn) Economica, 1996.

"Black-White Earnings Over the 1970s and 1980s: Gender Differences in Trends," (with Andrea Beller) Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1992.

"Black/White Differences in Wealth and Asset Composition," (with John Graham) Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 1990.