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James Gross : Publications

Selected Publications


Transforming the American Workplace: The Case for Human Rights at the Job ; Cornell University Press ; Forthcoming

Human Rights in Labor and Employment Relations: International and Domestic Perspectives; Co-editor ; LERA ; Forthcoming

Broken Promises: The Subversion of American Labor Relations Policy, 1947-1994 ; Temple University Press ; 1995

Teachers on Trial: Values, Standards and Equity in Judging Conduct and Competence; Ithaca, NY: ILR Press ; 1988

The Reshaping of the National Labor Relations Board: National Labor Policy in Transition, 1937-1947 ; Albany, NY: State University of New York Press ; 1981

The Making of the National Labor Relations Board: A Study in Economics, Politics, and the Law, 1933-1937 ; Albany, NY: State University of New York Press ; 1974

Workers' Rights as Human Rights, Editor ; Ithaca: Cornell University Press ; 2003

Articles or Chapters

"Worker Rights as Human Rights: Wagner Act Values and Moral Choices." ; University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law Vol. 4, Spring 2002, No. 3, pp. 479-492

"Standards of Behavior for Tenured Teachers: The New York State Experience" ; In G. Gruenberg, ed., Arbitration 1987: The Academy at Forty ; Washington, DC: The Bureau of National Affairs, 1988, pp. 181-196

"The Legal Context of Professional Ethics: Values, Standards, and Justice in Judging Teacher Conduct" ; In Kenneth A. Strike and P. Lance Ternasky, eds., Ethics for Professionals in Education: Perspectives for Preparation and Practice ; New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia University, 1993, pp. 202-216

"The Demise of the National Labor Policy" ; In Sheldon Friedman, et al., eds., Restoring the Promise of American Labor Law ; Ithaca: ILR Press, 1994, pp. 45-58

"Value Judgments in Arbitration: Their Impact on the Parties' Arguments and on the Arbitrators' Decisions" ; In J. Najita, ed., Arbitration 1997: The Next Fifty Years ; Washington, DC: The Bureau of National Affairs, 1998, pp. 212-225

"A Human Rights Perspective on U.S. Education: Only Some of Our Children Matter" ; 50 Catholic University Law Review 4 ; Summer 2001

"Applying Human Rights Standards to Employment Rights in the USA: The Human Rights Watch Report 2000" ; Industrial Relations Journal forthcoming

Other Publications

"The Broken Promises of the National Labor Relations Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act: Conflicting Values and Conceptions of Rights and Justice" ; 73 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1: 351-387, 1998

"Arbitral Value Judgments in Health and Safety Disputes: Management Rights Over Workers' Rights" ; University of Buffalo Law Review 3 ; 1986