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Jack Goncalo : Publications

Journal Articles:

Goncalo, J.A., Chatman, J.A., Duguid, M.M. & Kennedy, J.A. Creativity from Constraint? How Political Correctness Influences Creativity in Mixed Sex Work Groups. Forthcoming, Administrative Science Quarterly.

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Mannix, E.A., Neale, M.A. & Goncalo, J.A. (2009). Research on Managing Groups and Teams: Creativity in Groups (volume 12).

Book Chapters:

Vincent, L.C. & Goncalo, J.A. (2014). License to steal: How the creative identity licenses dishonesty. In Moran, S., Cropley, D. H. and Kaufman, J. C. The Ethics of Creativity, Palgrave MacMillan Ltd., 137-151

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Nemeth, C.J. & Goncalo, J.A. (2011). Rogues and heroes: Finding value in dissent. To appear in: J. Jetten, and M. Hornsey (Eds) Rebels in Groups: Dissent, Deviance, Difference and Defiance.

Goncalo, J.A. & Krause, V. (2010). Being different or being better? Disentangling the effects of independence and competition on group creativity.  In: S. Thye & E.J. Lawler (Eds) Advances in Group Processes (Vol. 27).

Goncalo, J.A., Vincent, L. & Audia, P.G. (2010). Early creativity as a constraint on future achievement.   In D. Cropley, J. Kaufman, A. Cropley and M. Runco (Eds.) The Dark Side of Creativity.

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