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  • HR6606 Leadership Development in Organizations

  • HR467 Personal Leadership Development

  • HR367 Training and Development

HR 6606: Leadership Development in Organizations (Graduate Course)

David Whitwam, the former Chairman, President and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation was quoted as saying "The thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night is not what might happen to the economy or what our competitors might do next; it is worrying about whether we have the leadership capacity and talent to implement the new and more complex global strategies."  Evidence suggests that this concern is widely shared among the business community, and this course is designed to explore how organizations are currently meeting this challenge.

More specifically, this course's objectives are:

  1. Increase your awareness of leadership theory and research
  2. Increase your knowledge of the organizational systems that support leadership development
  3. Apply newly acquired knowledge of leadership development systems and practices to identify ways to improve these efforts
  4. Raise your self awareness regarding your own leadership (e.g., strengths, areas for improvement)

HR467: Personal Leadership Development (Undergraduate)

"It isn't just nice—these interpersonal skills.  It's about stuff that's necessary to lead a complex organization" (Warren Bennis quoted in the Wall Street Journal, February 12 2007, B3).  Organizations second this reality, craving graduates with leadership capabilities, and educators have responded by ramping up the attention placed on leadership in their curricula.  This course is just one example of a larger systemic action to enhance organizational leadership, and its primary purpose is to guide students in their own leadership development journey.

More specifically, this course is designed to:

  1. Increase your awareness of leadership theory and research
  2. Improve your ability to identify and assess critical leadership competencies
  3. Raise your self awareness regarding your own leadership (e.g., strengths, areas for improvement)
  4. Prepare you to chart your own leadership development path
  5. Provide you opportunities to practice your leadership skills and reflect on your performance

HR367: Training and Development (Undergraduate)

This course is designed to focus on critical issues within the field of training and development.  The course is roughly broken down into two halves.  In the first half of the course, we will examine the training design process and its constituent elements, including needs assessment, training methods, transfer of training, and evaluation.  Our goal in this half of the course is to build the competencies necessary for designing, implementing, and evaluating effective training programs.  In the second half of the course, we will use our understanding of the training process to analyze and explore specific issues surrounding different types of training and development programs, including team training, diversity training, and talent management.  The goal of the second half of the course is to apply what we have learned about training to a variety of specific training and development challenges.  Thus, the ultimate goal of the course is for students to develop the competencies that underlie the training profession along with the ability to use these competencies to effectively address a range of workplace and training issues.

More specifically, the objectives of this class are to:

  1. Increase your awareness and understanding of critical topics and issues within the field of training and development.
  2. Provide you with the competencies needed to design, implement, and evaluate effective training and development systems.
  3. Develop your skills in the following areas: critical thinking, teamwork, persuasion, problem solving, and written and oral communication.