Cornell University

Lisa Nishii : Biography

Lisa Hisae Nishii, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Cornell University

Lisa Nishii joined the faculty of the Human Resource Studies department at the ILR School, Cornell University, after receiving her Ph.D. and M.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland, and a B.A in economics and psychology from Wellesley College.

Nishii's most active body of research focuses on diversity and inclusion, particularly in global organizations. She has been working most recently on multi-level research funded by the SHRM Foundation, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Education, in which she is examining the benefits of inclusive climates for diverse groups and for the individuals working within them. Her research suggests that the "value in diversity" only emerges in inclusive environments, in which subgroup disparities are minimized and there are strong norms for people to cultivate cross-boundary relationships. In her ongoing projects, she is examining the influence of organizational practices and leadership behaviors in shaping the inclusiveness of unit climates, and is also exploring how people's social networks develop differently in inclusive workgroup climates. In related work, she is researching the reasons for and effects of "decoupling" between intended diversity practices and the everyday implementation of those practices. Most recently, she has begun partnering with large, global corporations in an effort to merge her research on inclusion with her expertise in cross-cultural psychology to understand how inclusion may be defined and enacted differently across cultures.

Nishii actively publishes in top-tier management journals, including the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Personnel Psychology. Four of her papers have received international “best paper” recognition. She serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Organizational Psychology Review, and Equal Opportunities International. She is currently serving a 3-year term on the executive committee of the Academy of Management's Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division. Nishii is also passionate about her teaching, and is the only professor in the ILR School to have won two teaching awards as an assistant professor, and is the first to have won a university-wide teaching and advising award. Nishii enjoys working with organizations to help them to assess the inclusiveness of their workplace and to identify mechanisms for enhancing inclusion and its benefits.