Cornell University

Lara Skinner : Biography

Lara Skinner, Associate Director of Research, has worked with Cornell GLI since Fall 2008. Skinner received her PhD from the University of Oregon in 2010; her dissertation was entitled Is it Just Sustainability? The Politics of Urban Sustainability, Labor Unions and Social Justice.  She has worked for unions doing campaign research and policy development since 1999, and prior to joining GLI, was a Fellow at the University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center where she did research and writing on various projects related to labor law, economic development and accountability, immigration and employment, wage surveys, sustainability, and other labor issues. At GLI, Skinner does research, writing, and labor education related to labor unions' engagement in issues of sustainability, climate protection, and economic alternatives. Her current work focuses on the potential for labor unions, both globally and domestically, to develop and advocate for transportation policy that is low-carbon, environmentally and socially sustainable, equitable and safe.