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"Using Random Rather than Fixed Effects Models in Meta-Analysis: Implications for Situational Specificity and Validity Generalization" (with A. Erez and M. Bloom) ; Personnel Psychology 49, 275-306 ; 1996

"Jury Responsibility In Capital Sentencing: An Empirical Study" (with T. Eisenberg and S. Garvey) ; Buffalo Law Review 44, 339-380 ; 1996

"The Predictability of Punitive Damages" (with T. Eisenberg, J. Goerdt, B. Ostrom, D. Rottman) ; Journal of Legal Studies 26, 623-661 ; 1997

"Nonparametric Estimator of the Bivariate Survival Function Under Simplified Censoring Conditions" (with W. Wang) ; Biometrika 84, 863-880 ; 1997

"Accurate Confidence Limits for the Cumulative Hazard and Survivor Functions Under Random Censoring" (with R. Strawderman) ; Journal of the American Statistical Association 92, 1356-1374 ; 1997

"Accurate Confidence Limits for Quantiles Under Random Censoring" (with R. Strawderman and M. Parzen) ; Biometrics 53, 1399-1415 ; 1997

"Punitive Awards After BMW, a New Capping System, and the Reported Opinion Bias" (with T. Eisenberg) ; Wisconsin Law Review, 1, 387-425 ; 1998

"Ranking and Explaining the Scholarly Impact of Law Schools" (with T. Eisenberg) ; Journal of Legal Studies, 27, 373-413 ; 1998

"Larger Board Size and Decreasing Firm Value in Small Firms" (with T. Eisenberg and S. Sundgren) ; Journal of Finanicial Economics 48, 35-54 ; 1998

"Nonparametric Estimation Of Successive Duration Times Under Dependent Censoring" (with W. Wang) ; Biometrika, 85, 561-572 ; 1998

"On the Construction of Bayes Minimax Estimators" (with D. Fourdrinier and W. Strawderman) ; Annals of Statistics, 26, 660-671 ; 1998

"Approximately Exact Inference For The Common Odds Ratio In Several 2 X 2 Tables, With Discussion" (with R. Strawderman) ; Journal of the American Statistical Association, 93, 1294 - 1320 ; 1998

"But Was He Sorry? The Role of Remorse in Capital Sentencing" (with T. Eisenberg and S. Garvey) ; Cornell Law Review 83, 1599-1637 ; 1998

"The Predictability of Punitive Damages Awards in Published Opinions, the Impact of BMW v. Gore on Punitive Damages Awards, and Forecasting Which Punitive Awards Will be Reduced" (with T. Eisenberg) ; Supreme Court Economic Review, ; forthcoming

"Bayesian Estimation for Spherically Symmetric Distributions" (with D. Cellier and D. Fourdrinier) ; Journal of Multivariate Analysis, ; forthcoming

"Model Selection and Semiparametric Inference for Bivariate Failure-Time Data" (with W. Wang) ; Journal of the American Statistical Association, ; forthcoming

"Statistical Controversies in Census 2000" (with L. D. Brown, M. L. Eaton, D. A. Freedman, S. P. Klein, R. A. Olshen, K. W. Wachter and D. Ylvisaker) ; Jurimetrics ; forthcoming

"Inbreeding in Law School Hiring: Analyzing the Performance of Faculty Hired from Within" (with T. Eisenberg) ; Journal of Legal Studies, ; forthcoming