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...beat bad office humor
Michele Williams of Cornell University's ILR School said that "failed workplace humor; be it a poorly timed joke or humor that is downright offensive, impacts people's moods and confidence..." July 14, 2014

Download the featured study the Journal of Business and Psychology June 26, 2014

5 Industries Where Women-Owned Businesses Survive Longer
"We find that female-owned businesses consistently out-survive male-owned businesses in many industries and areas," said Michele Williams, one of the study's authors and an assistant professor of organizational behavior in Cornell's Industrial and Labor Relations School.",  Feb 18, 2014

...Where Women-Owned Businesses Survive Longer
"A Cornell University study found that despite previous studies arguing the opposite, female ownership is the key to surviving over the long haul for many businesses.",  Feb 14, 2014

Where Women-Owned Businesses Thrive
... some businesses survive longer under female ownership, according to research by Michele Williams, assistant professor of organizational behavior in the ILR School...; Feb 12, 2014

Cornell Study: Female-Owned Businesses Last Longer (pdf)
... Prof. Michele Williams, industrial and labor relations, ... said their goal was to debunk the myth that female business owners are less successful than their male counterparts...; Feb 11, 2014

New Insights on Business Survival for Women Owners
... longer under female ownership, according to research by Assistant Professor Michele Williams of ILR and Associate Professor Arturs Kalnins ...; Jan 24, 2014

To Convey Trust, Vary Your Voice's Pitch, Volume, Study Says
... If you trust more, you use more emphasis, which is a combination of loudness and pitch," said Michele Williams, assistant professor in the ILR School's Department of Organizational Behavior...; Dec 1, 2010

Workplace Trust Research
... The good news, according to research by Michele Williams, ILR assistant professor of organizational behavior, is that employers and employees can take ...; 2009