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Nick Salvatore : Publications

Selected Publications


Singing in a Strange Land: C. L. Franklin, The Black Church, And The Transformation of America ; Lttle Brown & Co

Edited, with Introduction, Seventy Years of Life and Labor ; by Samuel Gompers ; Ithaca, NY: ILR Press ; 1984

We All Got History: The Memory Books of Amos Webber ; Times Books/Random House ; 1996 (paperback, Vintage, 1997)

Eugene V. Debs: Citizen and Socialist ; University of Illinois Press ; 1982 (paperback, 1983)

The Pullman Strike and the Crisis of the 1890's: Essays on Labor and Politics (with Richard Schneirov and Sheldon Stromquist (co-editors)) ; University of Illinois Press ; 1999

Articles or Chapters

"You Say You Want a Revolution?" ; [a review essay of John A. Collins, The Other Side of the Sixties: Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of Conservative Politics] ; The Bookpress ; September 1997

"The Decline of Labor" ; Dissent ; Winter 1992

"Conflicts In a Progressive Union" ; Dissent ; Spring 1990

"Eugene V. Debs" ; In Melvyn Dubofsy and Warren Van Tine (eds.)Labor Leaders in Industrial America ; University of Illinois Press ; 1987

"Herbert Gutman's Narrative of the American Working Class: A Reevaluation" ; International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 12(1) ; Fall 1998

"American Labor History" ; In Maurice F. Neufeld and Jean T. McKelvey (eds.), Industrial Relations at the Dawn of the New Millennium ; Ithaca ; 1998

Teamster Democracy: A Moment of Possibility" ; New Politics ; Winter 1991

"Two Tales of a City: Nineteenth Century Black Philadelphia" ; Dissent ; Spring 1991

'Lest We Forget': The Painting of Ralph Fasanella" ; Labor's Heritage I(4) ; October 1989

"Talkin' Union: Gompers Among the Scholars" ; New York Times Book Review ; August 31, 1986

"Gli Stati Uniti alla testa dell'economia mondiale" ["The United State at the Head of the World Economy"] ; In Valerio Castronova (ed.), Storia Dell'Ecnomia Mondiale v.5 ; La Modernizzanzione E I Problemi Del Sottosviluppo (Editori Laterza, Roma) ; 2000

"Diventare storico negli anni Sessanta. Riflessioni personali" ["Becoming an Historian in the 1960's: Personal Reflections"] ; Acoma, 15 ; Winter 1999

"Some Thoughts on Class and Citizenship" ; In Marianne Debouzy (ed.) A l'ombre de la Statue de la Liberte: Immigrants et Ouviers dans la Republique Americaine, 1880-1920 ; St. Denis ; 1988