Cornell University

Pamela Tolbert : Teaching

Courses Taught

ILROB 122 Introduction to Organizational Behavior
An undergraduate-level lecture course that surveys micro- and macro-level theories and research on organizations

ILROB 427 Professions:  Organization and Control
An undergraduate seminar examining the nature of professions in contemporary society and issues of professional work within an organizational context

ILROB 520 Organizational Behavior and Analysis
A professional master's course on managerial issues and practices in work organizations

ILROB 626 Organizations and Social Inequality
A graduate level (and upper-division undergraduate) seminar that surveys theories of inequality that underpin selected policies aimed at reducing social inequality, research on how these policies actually operate in organizations, and evidence of their effects

ILROB 722 Macro-Organizational Behavior
A Ph.D-level seminar that surveys macro-level classic and contemporary theory and research on organizations

ILROB 725 Analysis of Organizational Behavior Research
A Ph.D-level seminar on various topics in contemporary organizational studies

Graduate Students Supervised

Florin, Beth M.S. 1985
Birnbaum, Alan M.S. 1986 (Chair)
Arthur, Jeffrey M.S. 1987
Rudin, Joel Ph.D 1989
Arthur, Jeffrey Ph.D 1990 (Chair)
Ellis, Laura Ph.D 1990
Laitamaki, Sinikka Ph.D 1990
Murphree, Carol M.S. 1990
Oberfield, Alice M.S. 1990 (Chair)
Morand, David Ph.D. 1991
Osagie, Sylvester M.S. 1991
Soule, Sarah M.S. 1991
Mueller, Christopher, Ph.D 1992
Fang, Mei-Yu M.S. 1993
Carmin, JoAnn Ph.D 1993
Ibaraki, Sayoko MPS 1994 (Chair)
Connelley, Debra Ph.D 1994 (Chair)
Simons, Tal Ph.D 1994 (Chair)
Weber, Caroline Ph.D 1994
Andrews, Alice Ph.D. 1995 (Chair)
Graham, Mary Ph.D 1995
Soule, Sarah Ph.D 1995
Jennings, Charles Ph.D 1996
Osagie, Sylvester Ph.D 1996
Rhee, Jaehoon Ph.D 1996 (Chair)
Smith, Deborah Ph.D 1996
Stokker, Laura Ph.D 1996
Fang, Mei-Yu Ph.D 1997
Hulbert, Tameron M.S. 1998
Persons, Robert M.S. 1997
Scarselletta, Mario Ph.D 1999
Fuller, Beth M.S. 2000 (Chair)
Pagnucco, Nicholas M.S. 2000
Rogers, Edward Ph.D. 2000
Vithayathawornwong, Supaporn M.S. 2000
Sine, Wesley Ph.D. 2001 (Chair)
David, Robert Ph.D. 2001
Lee, Chang Kil Ph.D 2001 (Chair)
Scott, Anne M.S. 2001
Marchese, Eugenio Ph.D 2001
Namasivayam, Karthikeyan Ph.D. 2002
Cho, Hichang Ph.D 2002
Valcour, Monique Ph.D 2003 (Chair)
Dunford, Benjamin Ph.D 2004
Min, Hyunjoo Ph.D 2004
Augusta, Virginia Ph.D 2005
Yanadori, Yoshio Ph.D 2005
Lee, Sujin Ph.D 2005
Waismel-Manor, Ronit Ph.D 2005 (Chair)
Ericksen, Gerald Ph.D. 2006
Jung, Dong-il Ph.D 2006
Lee, Brandon Ph.D 2006 (Chair)
Patterson, Kelly M.S. 2006 (Chair)
Perratta, Heather G.  2006 (Chair)
Park, Sangchan Ph.D 2008 (Chair)
Duguid, Michelle Ph.D 2008 (Chair)
Jacobson, Cindi Ph.D 2008
Kim, Sunghoon Ph.D 2008
Purvis, Kristin MS 2009
Hiatt, Shon Ph.D 2010 (Chair)
Hermans, Michel MS 2010