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Raymond Cebula : Publications


Policy & Practice Briefs:
Effect of Defaulted Student Loans on Return to Work Efforts - WISC 2003.  With Ronald M. Hager.  Brief discussing the impact of defaulted student loans on return to work efforts including benefits offsets and wage garnishment.  Associated PowerPoint presentation.

Representative Payment - WISC, 2004.  Provides an in depth discussion of the Social Security Administration's representative payment program and recipient rights and responsibilities associated with the program.  Associated PowerPoint presentation.

Preparing a Structured Settlement - WISC, 2005.  A discussion of a supplemental  security income recipient's ability to protect cash and health benefits upon the receipt of a countable sum of cash or resources.  Associated PowerPoint presentation.

Administrative Offsets - WISC 2005.  Brief discussing the major administrative garnishment practices facing social security disability insurance recipients.  Includes discussions of student loan and other government benefits offset provisions.

Promising Practice Briefs:
Promising Practices - Indiana.  WISC, 2005.  Highlighted Indiana Protection and Advocacy efforts to work with the state vocational rehabilitation agency to prevent "involuntary" assignments of tickets to work.  Associated video presentation.

Promising Practices - Massachusetts.  WISC, 2005.  Highlighted Massachusetts Protection and Advocacy and benefits planning programs cooperative efforts to provide high quality and efficient services to social security beneficiaries.  Associated video presentation.

Just The Facts Papers:
Work Study and Social Security Benefits.  WISC, 2005.  Short, factual presentation for use by legal representatives and advocates discussing the impact of work study income on cash benefits and disability eligibility for social security programs.

Benefits Pending Appeal.  WISC, 2005.  A brief discussion of the availability of cash and health benefits pending an appeal before the Social Security Administration.

Administrative Wage Garnishment - WISC, 2005.  A brief discussion of the Social Security Administration's new use of administrative wage garnishment as a collection tool in overpayment cases.

Tax Refund Offsets - WISC, 2005.  A discussion of the Social Security Administration’s use of tax refund offset provisions when attempting to collect overpayments from non-cooperating beneficiaries.

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"Winning Social Security and SSI Claims," 1992, 1993, 1994.

"SSI Advocates Guide...," MCLE, 1995, 2000, Chapters concerning income, resources, representative payment, and work incentive programs within a comprehensive informational, legal and practice guide for attorneys and non-attorney advocates representing individual clients before the Social Security Administration.

"SSI and SSDI Strategies," MCLE, 1998.

"Social Security Practice," MCLE, 1999.

Legal Rights of Individuals with Disabilities, MCLE, 2002.