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Robert Smith : Publications

Selected Publications


The Occupational Safety and Health Act: Its Goals and Its Achievements ; American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Evaluative Study Series ; 1976

Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy; 9th edition (with Ronald Ehrenberg) ; Addison Wesley Longman ; 2006

Articles or Chapters

Pension Funding in the Public Sector (with Olivia Mitchell) ; Review of Economics and Statistics ; 1992

The Development of the Neoclassical Tradition in Labor Economics (with George Boyer) ; Industrial and Labor Relations Review ; 2001

The Predicted Impact of the Black Lung Benefits Program on the Coal Industry (with Morris Goldstein) ; Evaluating the Labor-market Effects of Social Programs, Ashenfelter and Blum (Eds.) ; Industrial Relations Sections/Princeton University ; 1977

Have OSHA and Workers' Compensation Made the Workplace Safer? ; Research Frontiers in Industrial Relations and Human Resources ; Industrial Relations Research Association ; 1992

Comparable Worth: Limited Coverage and the Exacerbation of Inequality ; Industrial and Labor Relations Review 41, 2 ; 1988

The Effect of OSHA Records Check Inspections on Reported Occupational Injuries in Manufacturing Establishments (with John Ruser) ; Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1, 4 ; 1988

Profit Sharing and Employment Stability (with James Chelius) ; Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 43 ; 1990

Mostly on Monday: Is Workers' Compensation Covering Off-the-Job Injuries? ; Borga and Appel (Eds.), Benefits, Costs, and Cycles in Workers' Compensation ; Kluwer Academic Publishers ; 1990

Reestimating OSHA's Effects: Have the Data Changed? (with John Ruser) ; Journal of Human Resources, 24,2 ; Spring 1991