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Susanne Bruyère : Publications

Selected Publications

Bruyère , S., VanLooy, S., & Peterson, D. (in press).  The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF):  Contemporary literature overview.  Rehabilitation Psychology.

Bruyère, S. (in press).  Policies and practices to promote nondiscrimination across the employment process.  American Rehabilitation.

Bruyère, S., & VanLooy, S. (in press).  Legislation and rehabilitation service delivery.  In M. Eisenberg, R Glueckauf, & H. Zaretsky, Medical Aspects of Disability: A Handbook for the Rehabilitation Professional (3rd. ed.).  New York: Springer Publishing. 

Patterson, J., Bruyère, S., & Jenkins, W. (2004).  Legislative foundations of rehabilitation and related services.  In R. Parker, E. M. Szymanski, & J. Patterson (Eds.), Rehabilitation Counseling: Basics and Beyond (pp 27-46).  Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

Bruyère, S., Erickson, W., Wilson, D. and Somerville, N.  (2004).  The therapist's role in maintaining employment, in B. Kemp and L. Masqueda (Eds.), Aging with a Disability (pp 129-149).  Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Bruyère, S., Erickson, W., & VanLooy, S. (2004).  Comparative study of workplace policy and practices contributing to disability nondiscrimination.  Rehabilitation Psychology, 49(1), 28-38.

Bruyère, Erickson, W., and Schramm, J. (2003).  Disability in a technology-driven workplace.  Workplace Visions, No. V.

Bruyère, S., Erickson, W., & Ferrentino, J. (2003). Identity and disability in the workplace. William and Mary Law Review, 44(3), 1173-1196.

Bruyère , S., Erickson, W., & VanLooy, S. (2003).  Accessible IT for People with Disabilities: HR Considerations.   Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension Division, Program on Employment and Disability.

Bruyère, S., Erickson, W., VanLooy, S., Sitaras, E., Cook, J., Burke, J., Farah, L.,  & Morris, M. (2003).  Employment and disability policy: Recommendations for a social sciences research agenda.  In F. E. Menz & D. F. Thomas (Eds.),  Bridging gaps: Refining the disability research agenda for rehabilitation and the social sciences Conference proceedings.  Menomonie: University of Wisconsin-Stout, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, Research and Training Centers.  

Bruyère, S.M. (with Marshall, C.M., Santiago Gonz?z, C., and Garc?Ju?z, L.) (2003).  Amudo and the Vencinos project: Striving together to meet the needs of indigenous women with disabilities in Oaxaca, Mexico, in A. Hans and A. Patri (Eds.), Women and  Disability: The Double Burden, pages 259-275.   New Delhi: Sage Publications.

Bruyère, S.M. (2002-2003).  ADA impact on human resource policies and practices:  Progress to date and looking forward.   SCI Life (publication of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association), Fall/Winter issue, pages 16-17, 23.

Bruyère, S., and Brown, J.  (2003). Legislation impacting employment for persons with disabilities, in E. Szymanski and R. Parker (Eds.), Work and Disability: Issues and Strategies in Career Development and Job Placement, pages 27-52.  Austin, Texas: Pro-Ed.