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Susan Brecher : Publications

"Training Managers on Supervisory Skills and Responsibilities," H.R. Advisor Magazine; January/February 1997

"The Manager's Dilemma: Handling Confidentiality," H.R. Advisor Magazine; March/April 1996

"Selecting and Training Internal Complaint Handlers," H.R. Advisor Magazine; July/August 1996

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"How to Conduct Effective Training For Appropriate Workplace Behaviors" March/April 1997

"Training Managers in Disciplinary Actions" May/June 1997

"Training Managers About Listening to Employee Concerns" July/August 1997

"Establishing Respect & Dignity in the Workplace" September/October 1997

"The Selection Process: Training the Manager" November/December 1997

"Training Managers about Investigating Employee Concerns" January/February 1998

"Training Managers about Investigating Employee Concerns: Part 2" March/April 1998

"Training Managers and Employees about Company Policies" May/June 1998

"Training HR Professionals on Resolving Employee Complaints or Problems" July/August 1998

"Training HR Professionals on Resolving Employee Complaints: PART II " September/October 1998

"Training HR Professionals on Resolving Employee Complaints: PART III D Documentation" Nov/Dec 1998

"Evaluating the Complaint Handling Process" January/February 1999

"Provide Mini-Training Sessions about your Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure" March/April 1999

H.R. Advisor, Legal & Practical Guidance Magazine
Presentations at Association for Conflict Resolution on Conflict Resolution Coaching 2006 and 2007.