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Day: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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September 24
Training | Hannah Rudstam
The ADA and Beyond: Disability Inclusive Workplace Practices

 People with disabilities represent one of the largest diversity populations in our country and in our workplaces.   After over twenty years of the ADA, most leaders understand the basics around compliance.  Yet, many leaders struggle with the “gray areas” of the ADA in real-life in the workplace, including questions such as: 

·         What can I ask job applicants about disability? 

·         If someone did not tell about a disability when hired, do they have a right to an accommodation if hired?

·         How much leave do we need to provide as an accommodation? 

·         How medical information can we collect?

·         Are job transfers a reasonable accommodation?

·         What if I provide an accommodation and the worker is still struggling?

·         What should I tell other workers about a co-worker’s accommodation?

·         What can I say to an employee who I believe might be struggling in a job because of a disability?

·         How do I respond to an employee who I believe might have a mental illness?

·         What if believe there is a safety issue involving an employee with a disability? 


During this session, we will co-explore key situations and dilemmas around leading workers with disabilities.  This will include hiring, disclosure, accommodation, retention, inclusion, disability inquiry and other issues.  Also, we will consider recent changes in laws and policies that impact disability practices in the workplace.  The interactive session will include film clip discussion, presentations, case studies and scenario analysis.  

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: Michele Welden, Training Director County of Hudson
Location: Jersey City, NJ
September 24
Conference | Yessica Guardiola
The Effective Communication Rights of People who are Deaf under the ADA

 The trainer, with the assistance of a sign language interpreter, explain the effective communication rights of deaf people under the ADA and answer the questions of the deaf audience about it.

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Location: Arecibo, PR
September 24
Online Training | Sarah von Schrader
Disability Disclosure: Benefits, Barriers, and Facilitators
Project: Employer Characteristics Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
September 24
Online Training | Ray Cebula
ediONLINE 1.1: Benefits and Work Incentives Planning, Professional Standards and Code of Conduct and Effective Communication

This course explores benefits and work incentives planning, the code of conduct of Benefits Practitioners and effective communication strategies using lecture, PowerPoint and written materials. This skill-building session provides opportunity for question and answer.  Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Project: ediONLINE
Location: Webinar
Sep 23   |   Sep 25
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