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Day: Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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August 28
Online Training | Kathleen Lee
OFCCP Survival...Rules of Engagement...What OFCCP Stats Tell Us

Online webinar for federal contractors that reviewed OFCCP's latest enforcement and protocol trends, including statistics on audits, evaluation and violations' trends. Provided resources and tools to implement proven strategies to meet compliance obligations. Reviewed developing Disability Outreach Plans, Reasonable Accommodations, Education and Training, and Accessibility Issues that Contractors need to be managing on 503, 4212, and Directive 307.

Project: National Employer Technical Assistance Center
Sponsor: Manchester Consultants
August 28
Training | LaWanda Cook
ADA Trainer Network Event: All Members Training



August 28 – All Member New Curriculum Roll-out (new and current members): laptop needed



 What is the ADA Trainer Network (ADA TN)?

The ADA Trainer Network was created by the Northeast ADA Center (NEADA), a member of the ADA National Network, housed within the Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance our capacity to reach a broader range of stakeholders in our region — stakeholders who are directly or indirectly impacted by the ADA whether in their personal lives, in a professional role, through employment, in their business and customer interactions, in their relationship to the built environment or in their participation in programs and policies. TN members are provided with a complete curriculum covering a variety of topics on all Titles of the ADA and receive training on how to deliver the material to diverse audiences.

What is the Advanced ADA Trainer Network (Advanced TN)?

The Advanced ADA Trainer Network is comprised of a select group of TN members who meet specific criteria. With the newly established Advanced TN, our intention is to help foster a sustainable network of informed trainers who through specific projects which they identify and carry out create positive change that enhances the lives of individuals with disabilities within their local communities. Helping to capture the impact of their work by reporting back to NEADA and participation in the spring 2016 “State of the Community” conference is a critical component of Advanced TN membership.

What are some of the benefits of participating in the ADA Trainer Network and the Advanced ADA Trainer Network?

·         More than 40 training modules on the ADA and related topics

·         An enhanced online community, just for TN members!

·         A web-based training customization  tool to help you design sessions tailored to your  audiences

·         Professional development opportunities

·         Discounts on NEADA fee-for-service products

·         Assistance with advertising your successful projects and availability to conduct training*

·         Opportunities to receive books, CDs, and other items to add to your ADA TN “toolkit”!*


* These benefits are only for members of the Advanced ADA TN



Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: ACCES-VR
Location: Albany, NY
August 28
Workshop | Wendy Strobel Gower
The Just-in-Time Model: Reaching Managers with the Right Knowledge at the Right Time
Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: EEOC Project
Location: Denver, CO
August 28
Online Training
WISE Event
Project: External Clients
Location: Webinar
Aug 27   |   Aug 29
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