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Day: Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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Sep 24   |   Sep 26
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September 25
Workshop | Hannah Rudstam
Disability IS Diversity: Why Disability Inclusiveness Matters at CVS

Too often, disability represents the “forgotten” diversity.  Though people with disabilities represent one of the largest diversity populations in our country and in our workplaces, disability is often not meaningfully included in diversity initiatives.  How is disability different? Why does disability matter in the CVS workplace?  What hidden assumptions and expectations drive decisions about people with disabilities in the workplace?  What are some strategies and practices to fully utilize the talents of people with disabilities in the CVS workplace?  What are some emerging legal and policy issues that impact our disability practices?


In this workshop, we will co-explore emerging legal, human and practice issues around disability inclusiveness, including: 

·         Why should disability be included in diversity/inclusion initiatives?

·         What automatic assumptions do we bring to disability?  How does this impact our workplace decisions, such as hiring, development, assessment and succession?

·         How many people with disabilities are in the CVS workplace? 

·         What about nonobvious disabilities?

·         How can we interact appropriately with people with disabilities in the workplace?

·         What about hiring and recruitment?

·         What about coaching and performance management?

·         What are accommodations?  What is an accommodation request?

·         What changes in the laws and regulations impact us?

·         What’s coming?  Emerging disability issues:  Veterans with disabilities, our aging workforce, emerging assistive technologies, etc.


The interactive session will include film clip discussion, presentations, case studies and scenario analysis.  

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: CVS
Location: Waverly, NY
Sep 24   |   Sep 26
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