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Paradise Laborers
Hotel Work in the Global Economy
Adler, Patricia A.; Adler, Peter
From Servants to Workers
South African Domestic Workers and the Democratic State
Ally, Shireen
The Caregiver
A Life with Alzheimer's
Alterra, Aaron; Kleinman, Arthur (Foreword)
Solidarity Transformed
Labor Responses to Globalization and Crisis in Latin America
Anner, Mark S.
Manufacturing Advantage
Why High Performance Work Systems Pay Off
Appelbaum, Eileen; Bailey, Thomas; Berg, Peter; Kalleberg, Arne L.
The New American Workplace
Transforming Work Systems in the United States
Appelbaum, Eileen; Batt, Rosemary
My Imaginary Illness
A Journey into Uncertainty and Prejudice in Medical Diagnosis
Atkins, Chloë G. K.; O'Connor, Bonnie Blair (Foreword); Hodges, Brian David MD (Afterword)
Mutual Aid and Union Renewal
Cycles of Logics of Action
Bacharach, Samuel B.; Bamberger, Peter A.; Sonnenstuhl, William J.
Communities without Borders
Images and Voices from the World of Migration
Bacon, David; Muñoz, Carlos Jr. (Foreword); Harper, Douglas (Foreword)
Breaking the Mold
Redesigning Work for Productive and Satisfying Lives
Bailyn, Lotte
Up in the Air
How Airlines Can Improve Performance by Engaging Their Employees
Bamber, Greg J.; Gittell, Jody Hoffer; Kochan, Thomas A.; von Nordenflycht, Andrew
Transnational Tortillas
Race, Gender, and Shop-Floor Politics in Mexico and the United States
Bank Muñoz, Carolina
Out of Practice
Fighting for Primary Care Medicine in America
Barken, Frederick M. MD
Contingent Work
American Employment Relations in Transition
Barker, Kathleen (Editor); Christensen, Kathleen (Editor)
Between Craft and Science
Technical Work in the United States
Barley, Stephen R. (Editor); Orr, Julian E. (Editor)
Being Local Worldwide
ABB and the Challenge of Global Management
Bélanger, Jacques (Editor); Berggren, Christian (Editor); Björkman, Torsten (Editor); Kähler, Christoph (Editor)
Public Sector Employment in a Time of Transition
Belman, Dale (Editor); Gunderson, Morley (Editor); Hyatt, Douglas (Editor)
Alternatives to Lean Production
Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry
Berggren, Christian
The Gloves-off Economy
Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America's Labor Market
Bernhardt, Annette (Editor); Boushey, Heather (Editor); Dresser, Laura (Editor); Tilly, Chris (Editor)
Failure by Design
The Story behind America's Broken Economy
Bivens, Josh; Mishel, Lawrence (Foreword)
Kremlin Capitalism
Privatizing the Russian Economy
Blasi, Joseph R.; Kroumova, Maya; Kruse, Douglas; Shleifer, Andrei (Foreword)
The Changing Face of Medicine
Women Doctors and the Evolution of Health Care in America
Boulis, Ann K.; Jacobs, Jerry A.
Immigration and American Unionism
Briggs, Vernon M. Jr.
Going Public
The Role of Labor-Management Relations in Delivering Quality Government Services
Brock, Jonathan (Editor); Lipsky, David B. (Editor)
Global Unions
Challenging Transnational Capital through Cross-Border Campaigns
Bronfenbrenner, Kate (Editor)
Organizing to Win
New Research on Union Strategies
Bronfenbrenner, Kate (Editor); Friedman, Sheldon (Editor); Hurd, Richard W. (Editor); Oswald, Rudolph A. (Editor); Seeber, Ronald L. (Editor)
Steelworker Alley
How Class Works in Youngstown
Bruno, Robert
Employment with a Human Face
Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Voice
Budd, John W.
The Thought of Work
Budd, John W.
The Ethics of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Budd, John W. (Editor); Scoville, James G. (Editor)
When Doctors Join Unions
Budrys, Grace
From Silence to Voice
What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public
Buresh, Bernice; Gordon, Suzanne
Hard Times Cotton Mill Girls
Personal Histories of Womanhood and Poverty in the South
Byerly, Victoria; Daniel, Cletus E. (Introduction)
Assembling Women
The Feminization of Global Manufacturing
Caraway, Teri L.
Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism
New Directions in Research
Carberry, Edward J. (Editor)
Nonstandard Work
The Nature and Challenges of Emerging Employment Arrangements
Carré, Françoise (Editor); Ferber, Marianne A. (Editor); Golden, Lonnie (Editor); Herzenberg, Stephen A. (Editor)
Union Mergers in Hard Times
The View from Five Countries
Chaison, Gary
Unions and Legitimacy
Chaison, Gary; Bigelow, Barbara
Walmart in China
Chan, Anita (Editor)
Casino Women
Courage in Unexpected Places
Chandler, Susan; Jones, Jill B.
Values at Work
Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondrag--n
Cheney, George
From the Ground Up
Grassroots Organizations Making Social Change
Chetkovich, Carol; Kunreuther, Frances
Workplace Flexibility
Realigning 20th-Century Jobs for a 21st-Century Workforce
Christensen, Kathleen (Editor); Schneider, Barbara (Editor)
Empire in Wood
A History of the Carpenters' Union
Christie, Robert A.
Organizing at the Margins
The Symbolic Politics of Labor in South Korea and the United States
Chun, Jennifer Jihye
Building More Effective Unions
Clark, Paul F.
Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector
Clark, Paul F. (Editor); Delaney, John T. (Editor); Frost, Ann C. (Editor)
The Next Upsurge
Labor and the New Social Movements
Clawson, Dan
The Sex of Class
Women Transforming American Labor
Cobble, Dorothy Sue (Editor)
In the Way of Women
Men's Resistance to Sex Equality in Organizations
Cockburn, Cynthia
The Hidden Fabric of Japan's Economy
Colignon, Richard A.; Usui, Chikako
Gainsharing and Power
Lessons from Six Scanlon Plans
Collins, Denis
Unfair Advantage
Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States under International Human Rights Standards
Compa, Lance
Beyond the Ruins
The Meanings of Deindustrialization
Cowie, Jefferson (Editor); Heathcott, Joseph (Editor); Bluestone, Barry (Foreword)
Mothers Unite!
Organizing for Workplace Flexibility and the Transformation of Family Life
Crowley, Jocelyn Elise
Agitate! Educate! Organize!
American Labor Posters
Cushing, Lincoln; Drescher, Timothy W.
Culture of Misfortune
An Interpretive History of Textile Unionism in the United States
Daniel, Clete
Taking Back the Workers' Law
How to Fight the Assault on Labor Rights
Dannin, Ellen; Bonior, David E. (Foreword)
The Unions and the Democrats
An Enduring Alliance
Dark, Taylor E.
Selling Technology
The Changing Shape of Sales in an Information Economy
Darr, Asaf
A New New Deal
How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement
Dean, Amy B.; Reynolds, David B.; Meyerson, Harold (Foreword)
The Violence-Prone Workplace
A New Approach to Dealing with Hostile, Threatening, and Uncivil Behavior
Denenberg, Richard V.; Braverman, Mark
Changing the Course of AIDS
Peer Education in South Africa and Its Lessons for the Global Crisis
Dickinson, David; Deutsch, Charles (Foreword)
Disintegrating Democracy at Work
Labor Unions and the Future of Good Jobs in the Service Economy
Doellgast, Virginia
Industrial and Labor Relations Terms
A Glossary
Doherty, Robert E.
Conflict of Interests
Organized Labor and the Civil Rights Movement in the South, 1954-1968
Draper, Alan
Never Good Enough
Health Care Workers and the False Promise of Job Training
Ducey, Ariel
Differential Diagnoses
A Comparative History of Health Care Problems and Solutions in the United States and France
Dutton, Paul V.
Employment Dispute Resolution and Worker Rights in the Changing Workplace
Eaton, Adrienne E. (Editor); Keefe, Jeffrey H. (Editor)
Poems from the Construction Site
Eisenberg, Susan
We'll Call You If We Need You
Experiences of Women Working Construction
Eisenberg, Susan
European Unions
Labor's Quest for a Transnational Democracy
Erne, Roland
Circles of Exclusion
The Politics of Health Care in Israel
Filc, Dani , MD; Young, Quentin , MD (Foreword)
Worker Centers
Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream
Fine, Janice
Transforming the U.S. Workforce Development System
Lessons from Research and Practice
Finegold, David (Editor); Gatta, Mary (Editor); Salzman, Hal (Editor); Schurman, Susan (Editor)
Matchmaking in the Labor Market
Finlay, William; Coverdill, James E.
Fields of Combat
Understanding PTSD among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Finley, Erin P.
Moving Up in the New Economy
Career Ladders for U.S. Workers
Fitzgerald, Joan
Not for Bread Alone
A Memoir
Foner, Moe; North, Dan; Davis, Ossie (Foreword)
What Workers Say
Employee Voice in the Anglo-American Workplace
Freeman, Richard B. (Editor); Boxall, Peter (Editor); Haynes, Peter (Editor)
What Workers Want
Freeman, Richard B.; Rogers, Joel
On the Front Line
Organization of Work in the Information Economy
Frenkel, Stephen J.; Korczynski, Marek; Shire, Karen A.; Tam, May
Restoring the Promise of American Labor Law
Friedman, Sheldon (Editor); Hurd, Richard W. (Editor); Oswald, Rudolph A. (Editor); Seeber, Ronald L. (Editor)
The Future of the Safety Net
Social Insurance and Employee Benefits
Friedman, Sheldon (Editor); Jacobs, David (Editor)
City of Strangers
Gulf Migration and the Indian Community in Bahrain
Gardner, Andrew M.
Nobody's Home
Candid Reflections of a Nursing Home Aide
Gass, Thomas Edward; Vladeck, Bruce C. (Foreword)
The Betrayal of Local 14
Paperworkers, Politics, and Permanent Replacements
Getman, Julius
Employee Pensions
Policies, Problems, and Possibilities
Ghilarducci, Teresa (Editor); Weller, Christian E. (Editor)
Conflicting Commitments
The Politics of Enforcing Immigrant Worker Rights in San Jose and Houston
Gleeson, Shannon
An Introduction to Labor Law
Gold, Michael Evan
Introduction to the Law of Employment Discrimination
Gold, Michael Evan
Black Power at Work
Community Control, Affirmative Action, and the Construction Industry
Goldberg, David (Editor); Griffey, Trevor (Editor)
Transnational Cooperation among Labor Unions
Gordon, Michael E. (Editor); Turner, Lowell (Editor)
Nursing against the Odds
How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, and Medical Hubris Undermine Nurses and Patient Care
Gordon, Suzanne
When Chicken Soup Isn't Enough
Stories of Nurses Standing Up for Themselves, Their Patients, and Their Profession
Gordon, Suzanne (Editor)
Safety in Numbers
Nurse-to-Patient Ratios and the Future of Health Care
Gordon, Suzanne; Buchanan, John; Bretherton, Tanya
Life Support
Three Nurses on the Front Lines
Gordon, Suzanne; Fagin, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Claire M. (Foreword)
Beyond the Checklist
What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety
Gordon, Suzanne; Mendenhall, Patrick; O'Connor, Bonnie Blair; Sullenberger, Captain Chesley "Sully" (Foreword)
The Shadow Welfare State
Labor, Business, and the Politics of Health Care in the United States
Gottschalk, Marie
On the Line at Subaru-Isuzu
The Japanese Model and the American Worker
Graham, Laurie
Unwelcome and Unlawful
Sexual Harassment in the American Workplace
Gregory, Raymond F.
Encountering Religion in the Workplace
The Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Workers and Employers
Gregory, Raymond F.
Teachers on Trial
Values, Standards, and Equity in Judging Conduct and Competence
Gross, James A.
A Shameful Business
The Case for Human Rights in the American Workplace
Gross, James A.
Workers' Rights as Human Rights
Gross, James A. (Editor)
Human Rights in Labor and Employment Relations
International and Domestic Perspectives
Gross, James A. (Editor); Compa, Lance (Editor)
Debating Rationality
Nonrational Aspects of Organizational Decision Making
Halpern, Jennifer J. (Editor); Stern, Robert N. (Editor)
Buoyancy on the Bayou
Shrimpers Face the Rising Tide of Globalization
Harrison, Jill Ann
Citizen Employers
Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870-1916
Haydu, Jeffrey
No Small Change
Pension Funds and Corporate Engagement
Hebb, Tessa
The New Unionism
Employee Involvement in the Changing Corporation (reprint ed. c new Intro)
Heckscher, Charles C.
Unexpected Power
Conflict and Change among Transnational Activists
Hertel, Shareen
New Rules for a New Economy
Employment and Opportunity in Post-Industrial America
Herzenberg, Stephen A.; Alic, John A.; Wial, Howard
Inside Chronic Pain
An Intimate and Critical Account
Heshusius, Lous; Morris, David B. (Foreword); Fishman (Clinical Commentary), Scott M. (Afterword)
Corporate Wasteland
The Landscape and Memory of Deindustrialization
High, Steven; Lewis, David W.
The Question of Competence
Reconsidering Medical Education in the Twenty-First Century
Hodges, Brian David (Editor); Lingard, Lorelei (Editor); Anderson, M. Brownell (Foreword)
Sizing Down
Chronicle of a Plant Closing
Illes, Louise Moser
Creative State
Forty Years of Migration and Development Policy in Morocco and Mexico
Iskander, Natasha
Behind the Kitchen Door
Jayaraman, Saru; Schlosser, Eric (Foreword)
Reading Classes
On Culture and Classism in America
Jensen, Barbara
The Steelworkers' Victory and the Revival of American Labor
Juravich, Tom; Bronfenbrenner, Kate
Bootstrap Dreams
U.S. Microenterprise Development in an Era of Welfare Reform
Jurik, Nancy C.
The New Structure of Labor Relations
Tripartism and Decentralization
Katz, Harry C. (Editor); Lee, Wonduck (Editor); Lee, Joohee (Editor)
Converging Divergences
Worldwide Changes in Employment Systems
Katz, Harry C.; Darbishire, Owen
Theoretical Perspectives on Work and the Employment Relationship
Kaufman, Bruce (Editor)
The Origins and Evolution of the Field of Industrial Relations in the United States
Kaufman, Bruce E.
Managing the Human Factor
The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry
Kaufman, Bruce E.
Hired Hands or Human Resources?
Case Studies of HRM Programs and Practices in Early American Industry
Kaufman, Bruce E.
Employee Representation
Alternatives and Future Directions
Kaufman, Bruce E. (Editor); Kleiner, Morris M. (Editor)
Where Night Is Day
The World of the ICU
Kelly, James
Urban Flow
Bike Messengers and the City
Kidder, Jeffrey L.
Nurses on the Move
Migration and the Global Health Care Economy
Kingma, Mireille
Holding the Line
Women in the Great Arizona Mine Strike of 1983
Kingsolver, Barbara
After Lean Production
Evolving Employment Practices in the World Auto Industry
Kochan, Thomas A. (Editor); Lansbury, Russell D. (Editor); MacDuffie, John Paul (Editor)
Negotiations and Change
From the Workplace to Society
Kochan, Thomas A. (Editor); Lipsky, David B. (Editor)
Healing Together
The Labor-Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente
Kochan, Thomas A.; Eaton, Adrienne E.; McKersie, Robert B.; Adler, Paul S.
The Transformation of American Industrial Relations
Kochan, Thomas A.; Katz, Harry C.; McKersie, Robert B.
First, Do Less Harm
Confronting the Inconvenient Problems of Patient Safety
Koppel, Ross (Editor); Gordon, Suzanne (Editor)
From Company Doctors to Managed Care
The United Mine Workers' Noble Experiment
Krajcinovic, Ivana
From Iron Rice Bowl to Informalization
Markets, Workers, and the State in a Changing China
Kuruvilla, Sarosh (Editor); Lee, Ching Kwan (Editor); Gallagher, Mary E. (Editor)
If the Workers Took a Notion
The Right to Strike and American Political Development
Lambert, Josiah Bartlett
A Company of One
Insecurity, Independence, and the New World of White-Collar Unemployment
Lane, Carrie M.
Dishonest Dollars
The Dynamics of White-Collar Crime
Leap, Terry L.
Phantom Billing, Fake Prescriptions, and the High Cost of Medicine
Health Care Fraud and What to Do about It
Leap, Terry L.
Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations
Lewin, David (Editor)
Research Frontiers in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Lewin, David (Editor); Mitchell, Olivia S. (Editor); Sherer, Peter D. (Editor)
Hardhats, Hippies, and Hawks
The Vietnam Antiwar Movement as Myth and Memory
Lewis, Penny
The Paradox of American Unionism
Why Americans Like Unions More Than Canadians Do, But Join Much Less
Lipset, Seymour Martin; Meltz, Noah M.; Gomez, Rafael; Katchanovski, Ivan; Kochan, Thomas A. (Foreword)
The Real World of Employee Ownership
Logue, John; Yates, Jacquelyn; Greider, William (Foreword)
Fighting for a Living Wage
Luce, Stephanie
Juki Girls, Good Girls
Gender and Cultural Politics in Sri Lanka's Global Garment Industry
Lynch, Caitrin
Retirement on the Line
Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory
Lynch, Caitrin
The New Rank and File
Lynd, Staughton (Editor); Lynd, Alice (Editor)
The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker
Malkiel, Theresa Serber; Basch, Francoise (Introduction)
Labor and the Corporate Media
Martin, Christopher R.
Promise Unfulfilled
Unions, Immigration, and the Farm Workers
Martin, Philip L.
Cabs and Capitalism in New York City
Mathew, Biju
Blue-Green Coalitions
Fighting for Safe Workplaces and Healthy Communities
Mayer, Brian
Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands?
The Politics of High-Tech Production in the Philippines
McKay, Steven C.
Industrial Valley
McKenney, Ruth; Nelson, Daniel (Introduction)
Notes from Toyota-land
An American Engineer in Japan
Mehri, Darius; Perrucci, Robert (Foreword)
Putting Work in Its Place
A Quiet Revolution
Meiksins, Peter; Whalley, Peter
Organizing Immigrants
The Challenge for Unions in Contemporary California
Milkman, Ruth (Editor)
Working for Justice
The L.A. Model of Organizing and Advocacy
Milkman, Ruth (Editor); Bloom, Joshua (Editor); Narro, Victor (Editor)
Rebuilding Labor
Organizing and Organizers in the New Union Movement
Milkman, Ruth (Editor); Voss, Kim (Editor)
Phone Clones
Authenticity Work in the Transnational Service Economy
Mirchandani, Kiran
The State of Working America, 2006/2007
Mishel, Lawrence; Bernstein, Jared; Allegretto, Sylvia
The State of Working America, 2008/2009
Mishel, Lawrence; Bernstein, Jared; Shierholz, Heidi
The State of Working America
Mishel, Lawrence; Bivens, Josh; Gould, Elise; Shierholz, Heidi
Public Jobs and Political Agendas
The Public Sector in an Era of Economic Success
Mitchell, Daniel J. B. (Editor)
It's about Time
Couples and Careers
Moen, Phyllis (Editor)
Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory
Women Scientists Speak Out
Monosson, Emily (Editor)
The Blue Eagle at Work
Reclaiming Democratic Rights in the American Workplace
Morris, Charles J.; St. Antoine, Theodore J. (Foreword)
Fading Corporatism
Israel's Labor Law and Industrial Relations in Transition
Mundlak, Guy
Black Freedom Fighters in Steel
The Struggle for Democratic Unionism
Needleman, Ruth
The Complexities of Care
Nursing Reconsidered
Nelson, Sioban (Editor); Gordon, Suzanne (Editor)
Notes on Nightingale
The Influence and Legacy of a Nursing Icon
Nelson, Sioban (Editor); Rafferty, Anne Marie (Editor)
Telling Stories Out of Court
Narratives about Women and Workplace Discrimination
O'Brien, Ruth (Editor); Featherstone, Liza (Foreword)
She Was One of Us
Eleanor Roosevelt and the American Worker
O'Farrell, Brigid
Divining without Seeds
The Case for Strengthening Laboratory Medicine in Africa
Okeke, Iruka N.
Talking about Machines
An Ethnography of a Modern Job
Orr, Julian E.
Freelancing Expertise
Contract Professionals in the New Economy
Osnowitz, Debra
Working Construction
Why White Working-Class Men Put Themselves-and the Labor Movement-in Harm's Way
Paap, Kris
Skilled Hands, Strong Spirits
A Century of Building Trades History
Palladino, Grace
Textures of Struggle
The Emergence of Resistance among Garment Workers in Thailand
Pangsapa, Piya
Staged Action
Six Plays from the American Workers' Theatre
Papa, Lee (Editor)
Finding Time
How Corporations, Individuals, and Families Can Benefit from New Work Practices
Perlow, Leslie A.
The New Labor Press
Journalism for a Changing Union Movement
Pizzigati, Sam (Editor); Solowey, Fred J. (Editor)
A Measure of Fairness
The Economics of Living Wages and Minimum Wages in the United States
Pollin, Robert; Brenner, Mark; Wicks-Lim, Jeannette; Luce, Stephanie
Japan Works
Power and Paradox in Postwar Industrial Relations
Price, John
Through Jaundiced Eyes
How the Media View Organized Labor
Puette, William J.
The Killing of Karen Silkwood
The Story Behind the Kerr-McGee Plutonium Case
Rashke, Richard
With God on Our Side
The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital
Reich, Adam D.
The Broken Village
Coffee, Migration, and Globalization in Honduras
Reichman, Daniel R.
The Big Squeeze
A Social and Political History of the Controversial Mammogram
Reynolds, Handel
Just Another Car Factory?
Lean Production and Its Discontents
Rinehart, James; Huxley, Christopher; Robertson, David
The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice, 1919-2009
Rodgers, Gerry; Lee, Eddy; Swepston, Lee; Van Daele, Jasmien
The Many Faces of the Changing Workplace
Rogers, Jackie Krasas
Understanding Employee Ownership
Rosen, Corey (Editor); Young, Karen M. (Editor)
Copper Crucible
How the Arizona Miners' Strike of 1983 Recast Labor-Management Relations in America
Rosenblum, Jonathan D.
Learning From Saturn
Possibilities for Corporate Governance and Employee Relations
Rubinstein, Saul A.; Kochan, Thomas A.
New Working-Class Studies
Russo, John (Editor); Linkon, Sherry Lee (Editor)
The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?
Schafer, Andrew I. MD (Editor)
Working from the Margins
Voices of Mothers in Poverty
Schein, Virginia E.
Evidence and Proof in Arbitration
Scheinman, Martin F.
The Chicken Trail
Following Workers, Migrants, and Corporations across the Americas
Schwartzman, Kathleen C.
From Hire to Liar
The Role of Deception in the Workplace
Shulman, David
Condensed Capitalism
Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century
Sidorick, Daniel
Union Voices
Tactics and Tensions in UK Organizing
Simms, Melanie; Holgate, Jane; Heery, Edmund
Schools of Democracy
A Political History of the American Labor Movement
Sinyai, Clayton
Public Workers
Government Employee Unions, the Law, and the State, 1900-1962
Slater, Joseph E.
Crossing the Great Divide
Worker Risk and Opportunity in the New Economy
Smith, Vicki
The Good Temp
Smith, Vicki; Neuwirth, Esther B.
Working Sober
The Transformation of an Occupational Drinking Culture
Sonnenstuhl, William J.
Strategies for Employee Assistance Programs
The Crucial Balance
Sonnenstuhl, William J.; Trice, Harrison M.
The Caring Self
The Work Experiences of Home Care Aides
Stacey, Clare L.
Playing for Dollars
Labor Relations and the Sports Business
Staudohar, Paul D.
The Triangle Fire
Stein, Leon; Greider, William (Introduction); Hirsch, Michael (Foreword)
Power in Coalition
Strategies for Strong Unions and Social Change
Tattersall, Amanda
Counter Culture
The American Coffee Shop Waitress
Taylor, Candacy A.
Mobilizing Restraint
Democracy and Industrial Conflict in Post-Reform South Asia
Teitelbaum, Emmanuel
Democracy at Work in an Indian Industrial Cooperative
The Story of Kerala Dinesh Beedi
Thomas Isaac, T. M.; Franke, Richard W.; Raghavan, Pyaralal
New Approaches to Disability in the Workplace
Thomason, Terry (Editor); Burton, John F. Jr. (Editor); Hyatt, Douglas (Editor)
Gender and Racial Inequality at Work
The Sources and Consequences of Job Segregation
Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald
Labor in the New Urban Battlegrounds
Local Solidarity in a Global Economy
Turner, Lowell (Editor); Cornfield, Daniel B. (Editor); Evans, Peter (Foreword)
Rekindling the Movement
Labor's Quest for Relevance in the 21st Century
Turner, Lowell (Editor); Katz, Harry C. (Editor); Hurd, Richard W. (Editor)
From Predators to Icons
Exposing the Myth of the Business Hero
Villette, Michel; Vuillermot, Catherine; Holoch, George (Translator); Kimberly, John R. (Foreword)
Contemporary Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector
Voos, Paula B. (Editor)
On Different Planes
An Organizational Analysis of Cooperation and Conflict Among Airline Unions
Walsh, David
A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations
An Analysis of a Social Interaction System
Walton, Richard
Strategic Negotiations
A Theory of Change in Labor-Management Relations
Walton, Richard E.; Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel E.; McKersie, Robert B.
Women Workers and Global Restructuring
Ward, Kathryn (Editor)
Immigration Policy and the Challenge of Globalization
Unions and Employers in Unlikely Alliance
Watts, Julie R.
Code Green
Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing
Weinberg, Dana Beth; Gordon, Suzanne (Foreword)
The Experience of Retirement
Weiss, Robert S.; Ekerdt, David J. (Foreword)
The Comparative Political Economy of Industrial Relations
Wever, Kirsten S. (Editor); Turner, Lowell (Editor)
Researching the World of Work
Strategies and Methods in Studying Industrial Relations
Whitfield, Keith (Editor); Strauss, George (Editor)
Making Mondrag--n
The Growth and Dynamics of the Worker Cooperative Complex
Whyte, William
One Day Longer
A Memoir
Williams, Lynn
Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds, and Riffraff
An Expanded Guide to Films about Labor
Zaniello, Tom
The Cinema of Globalization
A Guide to Films about the New Economic Order
Zaniello, Tom
Changing by Design
Organizational Innovation at Hewlett-Packard
Zell, Deone
Surgeons and the Scope
Zetka, James R. Jr.
Differences That Matter
Social Policy and the Working Poor in the United States and Canada
Zuberi, Dan
The Working Class Majority
America's Best Kept Secret
Zweig, Michael
What's Class Got to Do with It?
American Society in the Twenty-first Century
Zweig, Michael (Editor)


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