Cornell University

ILR Press Season
Fall 2012

Beyond the Checklist
What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety

Suzanne Gordon; Patrick Mendenhall; Bonnie Blair O'Connor; Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Foreword)
Buoyancy on the Bayou
Shrimpers Face the Rising Tide of Globalization

Jill Ann Harrison
Conflicting Commitments
The Politics of Enforcing Immigrant Worker Rights in San Jose and Houston

Shannon Gleeson
Fields of Combat
Understanding PTSD among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Erin P. Finley
From Company Doctors to Managed Care
The United Mine Workers' Noble Experiment

Ivana Krajcinovic
Public Jobs and Political Agendas
The Public Sector in an Era of Economic Success

Daniel J. B. Mitchell (Editor)
The Big Squeeze
A Social and Political History of the Controversial Mammogram

Handel Reynolds
The Question of Competence
Reconsidering Medical Education in the Twenty-First Century

Brian David Hodges (Editor); Lorelei Lingard (Editor); M. Brownell Anderson (Foreword)
The State of Working America
Lawrence Mishel; Josh Bivens; Elise Gould; Heidi Shierholz
Union Voices
Tactics and Tensions in UK Organizing

Melanie Simms; Jane Holgate; Edmund Heery