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Sizing Down
Chronicle of a Plant Closing
Louise Moser Illes

Paper, 1997 ISBN: 978-0-8014-8434-6
$ 25.95   £19.95

As a slice of history, docudrama and how-to manual, Sizing Down is top-notch. Illes was human resources manager at the Signetics semiconductor plant in Orem, Utah, when, in January 1992, she was notified that the plant would close at the end of the year. It became her task to assist with orchestrating the phase-out of 900 jobs, including her own. . . . Throughout the inevitable juggling of interests, judgments had to be made, some good, some bad, says the author. This relentlessly objective history records them all, along with afterthoughts on how the situation might have been handled better.-Publishers Weekly

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Industrial and Labor Relations