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Working Sober
The Transformation of an Occupational Drinking Culture
William J. Sonnenstuhl

Paper, 1996 ISBN: 978-0-8014-8348-6
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Americans assume that workers do not drink on the job and that, if they do, it is because they suffer from alcoholism rather than because they are conforming to occupational expectations. William J. Sonnenstuhl disagrees. He contends that some occupational cultures encourage heavy drinking. Moreover, his research suggests that the sense of community which motivates drinking can also sometimes inspire workers to break the pattern and work sober. Revised and updated, this report addresses questions often raised by employers and union leaders developing job-based programs to help alcoholic and other troubled employees. This new edition discusses the efforts of EAP workers, the historical development and key components of EAPs, and the importance of balance in program strategies and in corporate and union responsibilities.

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