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Public Sector Employment in a Time of Transition
Dale Belman (Editor); Morley Gunderson (Editor); Douglas Hyatt (Editor)

Paper, 1997 ISBN: 978-0-913447-67-3
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The public sector seems to be in the early stages of a profound transition, similar in scale to the transformation of private sector industrial relations in the 1970s and 1980s. This volume analyzes elements in what is variously described as reinventing government, re-engineering the public sector, and instituting performance-based government. The contributors suggest the new system will be shaped by two main strategies now being followed. One emphasizes improving the efficiency of government through innovative practices and a movement away from the bureaucratic, civil service model. The other stresses cost cutting as an end in itself. While the first strategy offers improved services and a more involved workforce, the implicit goals of the second are often service reduction, downsizing government, privatization of service provision, and reductions in real compensation. This volume deals with the full scope of public employment relations, including issues of labor adjustment, workplace practices and human resource management policies, as well as alternative dispute resolution procedures and labor-management cooperation in the collective bargaining arena. Contributors P. B. BEAUMONT, University of Glasgow DALE BELMAN, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee JOEL CUTCHER-GERSHENFELD, Michigan State University PETER B. DOERINGER, Boston University RICHARD B. FREEMAN, Harvard University and London School of Economics MORLEY GUNDERSON, University of Toronto ROBERT HEBDON, Cornell University JOHN S. HEYWOOD, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee DOUGLAS HYATT, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee LINDA KABOOLIAN, Harvard University JOHN LUND, University of Wisconsin, Madison CHERYL L. MARANTO, Marquette University ANIL VERMA, University of Toronto MICHAEL WATKINS, Harvard University AUDREY WATSON, Boston University

About the Author
Dale Belman is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute. Morley Gunderson is the Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations and Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. Douglas Hyatt is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Coordinator of Centres of Excellence at the Institute for Work and Health, Toronto.

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Industrial and Labor Relations
Political Science / Public Administration & Policy