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Poems from the Construction Site
Susan Eisenberg

Paper, 1998 ISBN: 978-0-8014-8526-8
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Poems in this volume bring readers through the construction site gate alongside the women who practice a skilled trade in a dangerous industry. Assured and impassioned, the poems not only manifest outer events and day-to-day realities of the worksite but also expose through metaphor and resonant detail its high-voltage interior life. Susan Eisenberg's early poems were private responses to the experiences of her apprentice years as an electrician. When a collection of her poems was published in 1984, Eisenberg began to receive letters from her counterparts in other trades and other regions of the country. Her ensuing dialogue with a national community of tradeswomen inspired the poems in Pioneering.

About the Author
Susan Eisenberg is a master electrician with a master's degree in fine arts. A widely published poet, a visual artist, and a long-term activist, she speaks and consults nationally on gender equity in the workplace. She is the creator of the touring mixed-media installation On Equal Terms: Women in Construction 30 Years and Still Organizing and author of Blind Spot and We'll Call You If We Need You. After working fifteen years on union construction sites, she taught creative writing for a decade at the University of Massachusetts. A Resident Artist/Scholar at the Women's Studies Research Center of Brandeis University, she lives in Boston.

Subject Areas
"Original Fiction, Poetry & Drama"
Gender Studies
Industrial and Labor Relations