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Transnational Cooperation among Labor Unions
Michael E. Gordon (Editor); Lowell Turner (Editor)

Cloth, 2000 ISBN: 978-0-8014-3779-3
$ 73.50   £56.50
Paper, 2000 ISBN: 978-0-8014-8706-4
$ 26.95   £20.50

Organized labor faces enormous challenges in the increasingly global economy. The effect of multinational corporations, the portability of technology and capital, and lowered trade barriers in international commerce have all sparked widespread prophecies of trade union demise. This book, however, presents compelling evidence that unions can survive and grow if labor is willing to cooperate across national borders. Transnational Cooperation among Labor Unions is a seminal study of such cooperation as an effective weapon against the exploitation of workers in today's world. After assessing the challenges confronting organized labor, the authors turn their attention to specifics. They describe and evaluate the most important transnational labor associations, campaigns, and transnational cooperatives in a variety of industries. Contributors include academics who have assessed the status of union-management relations and international labor organizations as well as participants in union campaigns organized across national boundaries. Contributors: Mark S. Anner, Cornell University Larry Cohen, Communication Workers of America Steve Early, Communication Workers of America Michael E. Gordon, Rutgers University David Jessup, New Economy Information Service Andrew Martin, Center for European Studies, Harvard University Harvie Ramsay, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow George Ross, Center for European Studies, Harvard University Jean-Michel Servais, International Labor Office, Geneva Lowell Turner, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University Jim Wilson, Media and Entertainment International John Windmuller, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University Kenneth S. Zinn, International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine, and General Workers' Unions

About the Author
Michael E. Gordon is Professor of Organization Management at Rutgers University and the author of numerous articles on organizational behavior. Lowell Turner is Professor in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. His many books include Fighting for Partnership: Labor and Politics in Unified Germany and Democracy at Work: Changing World Markets and the Future of Labor Unions, both from Cornell.

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Industrial and Labor Relations