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Workers' Rights as Human Rights
James A. Gross (Editor)

Paper, 2006 ISBN: 978-0-8014-7262-6
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Until recently, the international human rights movement and nongovernmental organizations, human rights scholars, and even labor organizations and advocates have given little attention to worker rights as human rights. James A. Gross finds, however, that employers, not just governments, have the power to violate workers' rights. Workers' Rights as Human Rights provides a new perspective on the assessment of U.S. labor relations law by using human rights principles as standards for judgment. The authors also present innovative recommendations for what should and can be done to bring U.S. labor law into conformity with international human rights standards. This volume constitutes a long overdue beginning toward the promotion and protection of worker rights as human rights in the United States. Roy Adams, McMaster University Jim Atleson, SUNY Buffalo, Amherst Campus Lance Compa, Cornell University James A. Gross, Cornell University Reverend Jim Lewis Linda Lotz Thomas Moorhead Ed Potter, Employment Policy Foundation Emily Spieler, West Virginia University Lee Swepston, International Labor Office

About the Author
James A. Gross is Professor of Labor Law and Labor Arbitrator at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. His other books include Broken Promise: The Subversion of American Labor Relations Policy, 1947?1994, the last in a trilogy dealing with the National Labor Relations Board, and Teachers on Trial: Values, Standards, and Equity in Judging Conduct and Competence, also from Cornell.

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