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Rebuilding Labor
Organizing and Organizers in the New Union Movement
Ruth Milkman (Editor); Kim Voss (Editor)

Paper, 2004 ISBN: 978-0-8014-8902-0
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In order to recruit new members on a scale that would be required to significantly rebuild union power, unions must fundamentally alter their internal organizational practices. This means creating more organizer positions on the staff; developing programs to teach current members how to handle the tasks involved in resolving shop-floor grievances; and building programs that train members to participate fully in the work of external organizing. Such a reorientation entails redefining the very meaning of union membership from a relatively passive stance toward one of continuous active engagement.-from the Introduction In Rebuilding Labor Ruth Milkman and Kim Voss bring together established researchers and a new generation of labor scholars to assess the current state of labor organizing and its relationship to union revitalization. Throughout this collection, the focus is on the formidable challenges unions face today and on how they may be overcome. Rebuilding Labor begins with a comprehensive overview of recent union organizing in the United States; goes on to present a series of richly detailed case studies of such topics as union leadership, organizer recruitment and retention, union democracy, and the dynamics of anti-unionism among rank-and-file workers; and concludes with a quantitative chapter on the relationship between union victories and establishment survival. This interdisciplinary collection of original scholarship on New Labor offers a window into an otherwise invisible emergent social movement. Contributors Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University Leslie Bunnage, University of California, Irvine John DiNardo, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and National Bureau of Economic Research Marshall Ganz, Harvard University Robert Hickey, Cornell University David S. Lee, University of California, Berkeley Steven H. Lopez, The Ohio State University Ruth Milkman, UCLA Robert A. Penney, George Washington University Daisy Rooks, UCLA Preston Rudy, University of California, Davis Teresa Sharpe, University of California, Berkeley Carl Somers, University of California, Berkeley Judith Stepan-Norris, University of California, Irvine George Strauss, University of California, Berkeley Kim Voss, University of California, Berkeley

About the Author
Ruth Milkman is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations at UCLA. She is the editor of Organizing Immigrants (also from Cornell) and the author of Gender at Work and Farewell to the Factory. Kim Voss is Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of The Making of American Exceptionalism (also from Cornell) and coauthor of Inequality by Design and Hard Work.

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Industrial and Labor Relations