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From the Ground Up
Grassroots Organizations Making Social Change
Carol Chetkovich; Frances Kunreuther

Cloth, 2006 ISBN: 978-0-8014-4435-7
$ 63.95   £48.95
Paper, 2006 ISBN: 978-0-8014-7264-0
$ 21.00   £15.95

Grassroots social-change organizations are a critical resource for progressive movement-building in the United States. They provide political education and sites for constituent engagement, and they are beginning to create networks across issues and/or communities; they promote home-grown leadership among groups that have been disadvantaged; they contribute to a shared understanding of the problems of inequality and injustice; and they offer a public space for the dialogue needed to identify common principles.-From the Ground Up From community organizing for affordable housing in neglected neighborhoods to providing antiviolence training for youth or litigating for the rights of sex workers, grassroots organizations are engaged in energetic efforts to increase the power of marginalized groups. Social-change organizations operate in communities all over the United States, but little has been written about the details of their operations. From the Ground Up takes a close look at how social-change organizations address challenges related to leadership, staff development, decision-making, resource needs, and collaborations. Carol Chetkovich and Frances Kunreuther, both experienced nonprofit managers, draw on their in-depth interviews with leaders and staff members from sixteen diverse social-change organizations to provide a detailed analysis of these groups and their activities. They note that even working in isolation, these organizations make important contributions to justice in their communities; together they might form the base of a larger progressive movement for change.

About the Author
Carol Chetkovich is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Public Policy Program at Mills College. She is the author of Real Heat: Gender and Race in the Urban Fire Service. Frances Kunreuther is Director of the Building Movement Project at Demos, a senior Fellow at New York University's Research Center for Leadership and Action, and a former Fellow of the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard University.

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