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Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations
David Lewin (Editor)

Paper, 2007 ISBN: 978-0-913447-92-5
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In Contemporary Issues in Industrial Relations, a large and diverse group of contributors provides a new thematic treatment of key employment relations issues. These topics include: collective bargaining, worker disability, the return to work, alternative dispute resolution, managerial misclassification and violations of overtime law, new developments in performance-based pay, and retirement from work and managing one's own money. David Lewin's introduction integrates these topics, and a closing roundtable chapter provides a range of perspectives on the book's themes. Contributors Alex Colvin, Penn State Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, MIT Adrienne Eaton, Rutgers University Paul Edwards, University of Warwick Steven Frenkel, University of New South Wales Teresa Ghilarducci, University of Notre Dame John Heywood, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Stephen Hills, The Ohio State University Charlie Jeszeck, GAO Berndt Keller, University of Konstanz Brian Klaas, University of South Carolina Thomas Kochan, MIT David Levine, University of California, Berkeley David Lewin, UCLA David Lipsky, Cornell University John Logan, London School of Economics and Political Science Douglas Mahony, University of South Carolina Daniel J. B. Mitchell, UCLA Sophie Mitra, Rutgers University Fritz Pil, University of Pittsburgh Steve Sleigh, IAM David Stapleton, Cornell University Paula Voos, Rutgers University David Weil, Boston University

About the Author
David Lewin is Neil H. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources, and Organizational Behavior at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is the author of several books, including The Human Resource Management Handbook, Parts 1-3 and The Modern Grievance Procedure in the United States and a coeditor of Research Frontiers in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, also from Cornell

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