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BLG’s Team members have diverse backgrounds in the academia, coaching, finance, law, human resources, and business and public sector management. Trainers are selected because of their expertise and bring years of practical knowledge and experience to the classroom. A team

Samuel B. Bacharach, Co-Founder and Director of Program Development, BLG Leadership Academy

Samuel B. Bacharach,
Co-Founder, Director of Program Development and Trainer

Professor Bacharach is the McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University’s ILR School. He is the founder of Cornell’s Institute for Workplace Studies and ILR’s New York City-based Masters of Professional Studies program. He has authored and edited over twenty books, including two best sellers, Get Them on Your Side and Keep Them on Your Sid

Yael Bacharach, Co-Founder, Executive Director and Training Director, BLG Leadership Academy

Yael Bacharach,
Co-Founder, Executive Director, Training Director and Trainer

Ms. Bacharach is a practicing psychotherapist, executive coach, and coaching trainer. She developed the BLG Coaching Model, having spent several years combining the techniques of psychotherapy with the practical tools of coaching. She has also applied her coaching model in multiple organizational contexts as a consultant and advisor.

Peter A. Bamberger, Academic Advisor and Human Resource Specialist, BLG Leadership Academy

Peter A. Bamberger,
Academic Advisor and Human Resource Specialist

Professor Bamberger is Professor of Human Resource Management at the Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University, and senior research scholar at Cornell University’s ILR School. He has been serving as Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal since 2007. His specialties include human resources structure, leadership, and policy. He is the author of Human Resource Strategy: Formulation, Implementation, and Impact.

Kathryn L. Burkgren, Trainer and Higher Education Consultant, BLG Leadership Academy

Kathryn L. Burkgren,
Trainer and Higher Education Consultant

Ms. Burkgren is the director of Organizational Development for Faculty & Staff at Cornell University. She partners with academic and administration units to build engaged teams to lead more effectively and to manage change. Kathy serves as president for the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement (NCCI) in Higher Education.

Andy Doyle, Advisor and Human Resource Specialist, BLG Leadership Academy

Andy Doyle,
Advisor and Human Resource Specialist

Mr. Doyle is a Senior Vice President and Head of Compensation, Benefits, and Technology for OppenheimerFunds, Inc, where he is responsible for the strategy, design and administration of the firm’s rewards plans. Prior to that, he was Head of Rewards and Information Services for the Global Wealth Management Group at Merrill Lynch. His expertise is in the areas of compensation and human resource strategy.

Jack Goncalo, Academic Advisor, BLG Leadership Academy

Jack Goncalo,
Academic Advisor

Professor Goncalo joined the ILR School as an Assistant Professor in 2004. He conducts research on group processes and performance, particularly group creativity and decision making. His research has been featured on CNN, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Fast Company and Fortune.

Chris Halladay, Trainer and Higher Education Consultant, BLG Leadership Academy

Chris Halladay,
Trainer and Higher Education Consultant

Mr. Halladay is the Senior Director of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness at Cornell University. He has been involved in leadership development for more than 20 years. At Cornell, he is responsible for Organizational Development for Faculty and Staff, Career Planning & Development, Learning Management and Technology.

Edward J. Lawler, Academic Advisor, BLG Leadership Academy

Edward J. Lawler,
Academic Advisor

Professor Lawler is the Martin P. Catherwood Professor of Organizational Behavior and Sociology at Cornell University, and served as Dean of Cornell University’s ILR School from 1997-2005. Dr. Lawler’s research and expertise is in the areas of commitment, negotiation, group exchange, and group dynamics.

Stacia Murphy, Consultant and Advisor, BLG Leadership Academy

Stacia Murphy,
Consultant and Advisor

Ms. Murphy is interim director of the Alcoholism Council of New York, an affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Ms. Murphy has formerly served as president of NCADD. She has experience in management training and program development in the criminal justice system, private industry and academia.

Chris Proulx, Consultant and Trainer, BLG Leadership Academy

Chris Proulx,
Consultant and Trainer

Mr. Proulx is the Chief Executive Officer of eCornell. Prior to joining eCornell, he founded The Open Road, a consulting practice that specialized in strategic consulting, product development, interface design, and rapid prototyping of web-based learning and performance support systems. Mr. Proulx has managed large global training projects for organizations in diverse industries such as Citibank, TravelersGroup, Xerox, Marriott Corporation, and Goldman Sachs.

Dana Vashdi, Academic Affiliate, BLG Leadership Academy

Dana Vashdi,
Academic Affiliate, Trainer

Trainer and Survey Coordinator Dr. Vashdi is a lecturer at the Department of Public Administration and Policy in the University of Haifa, Israel. Her research focuses on teamwork, team effectiveness, team leadership, team management, and negotiations. Her expertise includes helping different types of teams enhance their learning process, which has been used in numerous settings.

Additional BLG Trainers:

Susan Alevas
Diane Rosen
Phyllis Rosen
Shirley Zaragoza

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