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Why was the IWS News Bureau started?
The IWS News Bureau was developed to solve a key public policy issue: how to disseminate workplace-related studies, reports, and data issued by government bodies (international, federal, state, and local) so that they reach interested faculty, researchers, practitioners, students, journalists, and the general public while the content is still current.

Why is this a public policy issue?
Governments issue mandates and provide funding to collect data and produce reports that address specific needs for an identified audience. Once the report is written and produced, there is rarely a mandate to disseminate it more broadly; storing a document on a shelf or posting it on a website does not mean that people will find it, so the potential utility of the information is greatly limited. When knowledge and understanding are limited, the public is not served well.

Having recognized this deficiency, the IWS News Bureau attempts to create relations with international intergovernmental agencies, foreign governments, and U.S. entities in order to distribute their intellectual content.

The IWS News Bureau has expanded the project to include associations, labor unions, commercial organizations, academic institutions, and any other reputable producer of workplace-related information.

What sets the IWS News Service apart from other resources?
The IWS Documented News Service provides original source documentation, via links, behind the news and research of the day. Instead of relying on journalists' selections, analyses, and interpretations, users of the service have ready access to the full-text documents used by the journalists themselves. This is why the service is called the IWS Documented News Service: one actually has access to the documents in question.

How are the items selected?
Postings are selected to meet the research needs and interests of the faculty, staff, and students of the ILR School. These interests are so broad, however, that the information included can be useful to anyone interested in workplace-related information.

What is the best way to use the News Service?
Most people sign up to receive our Weekly Bulletin via email. This service can save valuable time by eliminating the need to monitor all of the many websites that provide workplace-related information, and delivery straight to your inbox means you don’t have to remember to check the News Bureau’s websites. Anyone needing cutting edge, timely information with relevant content indicators should consider signing up for the Daily Postings.

Is there a charge for the News Service?
No. The IWS Documented News Service is a free service of the Institute for Workplace Studies. To subscribe, contact Stuart Basefsky and specify in the subjuect line, whether you would like to receive the Daily Postings, the Weekly Bulletin, or both.