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MPS Program Structure

To earn the MPS degree, students complete 30 credit hours of course work, including an individual research project. The curriculum is structured around six four-credit courses, all of which are taught by full-time faculty members from the Ithaca campus. Completion of the program requires a two-year commitment.

Spring 2014-Fall 2015 Click here for a chart of the program structure.

Fall 2014-Summer 2016 Click here for a chart of the program structure.

The MPS Program is the only graduate degree program offered by the ILR School away from the main Cornell campus, but it is not a distance-learning program, and Ithaca-based faculty members travel to New York City for the Saturday class sessions. The MPS Program is designed to promote interaction with both faculty and fellow students in a small classroom setting, creating an atmosphere conducive to discussion and debate.

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